GSB-L vertical OH6 API-610, ISO 13709 PUMPS


GSB-L vertical OH6 API-610, ISO 13709 PUMPS

GSB-L OH6 PUMP catalogue

Extensive Services and Product Range

high-speed pump pumping solutions to business partners in the following industries:

Oil & Gas


Hydrocarbon Processing

Fertilizers Petrochemical

All our pumps are manufactured and test the latest edition of API 610 to ensure reliable and safe operation at site.

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Model Description:


L1/2/3 Flow / Head
1   2   3   4

Number signification

1.GSB: High-speed Pumps

2. L: Vertical

2.1-One stage increase speed, 2 two stage increase speed, 3 two stage high power

3. Flow: Design point flow (m³/h)

4. Head : Design point head (m)

Pump can be customized do suitable customer design parameter

Standard Scope of Supply:

Pump with integrally gear box

Main motor Coupling with guard

Shaft driven lube oil pump

Auxiliary lube oil pump with motor

Single filter (Double filter optional)

Lube oil pressure gauge Lube oil temperature gauge

Lube oil pressure transmitter

Water cooler( Forced air cooler with driver optional)

Mechanical seal & system

All necessary auxiliary pipelines

Common skids

Optional Features

API 614 lube oil console

Vibration monitoring system

Parallel arrangement

Custom skid packaging

Customized instruments and system is applicable

Sound noise enclosure

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Hydraulic performance optimization


Open, semi-open or closed

Impeller blades & clearance

Optimized hydraulic

Maximize efficiency

Minimum thrust load


Robust shaft and gear design with balancing service

standard reduces vibration and noise while improving reliability and increasing operating life.


State-of-the-Art Inducers for superior NPSHr

Customized Hydraulics to match customer application

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Performance Specification



  1. Application:

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