Test Facilities
Our company has advanced test equipments and complete research and test facilities, and forms a research and acceptance system and a support test system for rotation machinery, combustion engineering and heat transfer.
1. Combustion, heat transfer test platform;
2. Hydraulic test platform;
3. Liquid flow test platform;
4. Gas flow test platform.
7. Pressure safety valve test platform;
8. Cryogenic test platform.

Manufacturing Facilities
As the biggest rocket manufacturer in China, our company has large press molding equipments, special welding equipments and high accuracy machining equipments. We can finish difficult machining and special material processing and can manufacture large non-standard equipments with the help of the supporting material and process institute, comprehensive physical and chemical test center, national non-destructive examine center, and tooling design center.
1. Manufacturing base in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area;
2. Design Center;
3. Office.
4. Machining Workshop;
5. Process Workshop;
6. Assembly Workshop;
7. Warehouse.