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LMV-322 open impeller OH6 sundyne pump

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Product Application

LMV Series Industry Vertical High-speed single stage Centrifugal Pump

Structure type: We can fix all LMV series pump impeller and inducer or full pump
Applications: Petroleum, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, paper-making, electric power, foods, light industry, etc.
Pumped medium: Various liquid media, such as acids, alkalies, salts, alcohols, benzenes, alkanes, medicines, waters, etc

Main Features

GSB-L3 Series Vertical High-speed Centrifugal Pumps are single-stage, single-suction, vertical part-flow centrifugal pumps. The inlet and outlet flanges of the pump body form the symmetry on the same horizontal line, with strong structure rigidity and high piping bearing capacity. The impeller uses the open-type straight blade centrifugal impeller arranged on the output shaft of the speed-increasing gearbox, which can enhance the pump’s efficiency point and hydraulic performance. Unique pump case diffuser design guarantees the cuttability of the inherent head, without worrying about the motor overload caused by the change of the working conditions or misoperation. The front-mounted inducer design can enhance the suction performance and high cavitation performance, and reduce the pump’s NPSHr. The high-speed shaft bearing uses the copper alloy sliding bearing. Its good lubrication system makes its linear velocity up to 50m/s. The pressure of the main lubrication oil circuits is supplied by the cycloid oil pump built in the speed-increasing gearbox, and driven by the low-speed shaft through direct connection. The perfect oil circuit testing system guarantees the pump’s long-term, safe, reliable running.